Daniel Alexander Ersch 
dan (at) pebkac (dot) org

* 18 years of customer service, with 10 of the last 12 of those years being at Rackspace Hosting.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with an eye for detail.
* Productive in a high-volume, high-stress environment.
* Proficient in the use of Mac/Apple and PC Desktops.
* Experience with Linux, Plesk, CPanel, MySQL, Apache, NGINX, Urchin, HTML/PHP coding, bash scripting, email systems, OpenStack and XenServer.

Employment History

February 2017 -> May 2018
Rackspace Hosting, San Antonio, TX
+ Enterprise Cloud ESE
* Lead-tech responsibilities for customers directly assigned to me (company names available on request).
* Infrastructure design and maintained for these customers within the Rackspace Public Cloud product.
* Higher-level responsibilities including being on call 24/7, custom projects for high-end customers, travel for customer visitation/implementation, and point of escalation for other internal Enterprise teams.
* Assist internal teams with Infrastructure Maintenances (mainly XenServer deployed on Dell hardware). 

June 2014 -> February 2017
Rackspace Hosting, San Antonio, TX
+ Cloud Operations Administrator
* Involved with Cloud Infrastructure products and automation.
 - OpenStack
 - XenServer

March 2014 -> June 2014
Rackspace Hosting, San Antonio, TX
+ Linux System Administrator III
* Achieved a personal goal of being promoted to Rackspace Linux L3 on March 17th, 2014.
* Elevated skill-set as compared to L1 or L2 with a larger amount of time spent on teaching and developing the new people joining the team.
* Primary focus on deep OS-level troubleshooting, as well as MySQL.
* Working on a more personal level (project/ownership-level) with customers and some applications or configurations that would be considered "Unsupported" in order to find the best solution for them.

June 2012 -> March 2014
Rackspace Hosting, San Antonio, TX
+ Linux System Administrator II
* Working on the same team, in a slightly different role.
* A larger balance of teaching and regular work applied to that role.
* Responsibilies adjusted to include Cloud support with an emphasis on finding a way to make a configuration scalable.

April 2011 -> June 2012 
Rackspace Hosting, San Antonio, TX
+ Linux System Administrator I
* Re-joined the Rackspace workforce on the UK Afterhours team.
* Handled many of the same responsibilies as in 2006-2009, this time including an International customer-base.

May 2010 -> March 2011 
Intuit, Tucson, AZ
+ QuickBooks Online Support/Sales Agent II
* Provided phone and email customer support for sales and service.
* Worked with customers to address their business needs and issues.
* Trained incoming employees on technical aspects of the job.
* 60/40% split between service and sales tasks.
* Consistently reached higher than required expectations.
- Recognized as a Top 3 achiever for the last two quarters.

Jan 2010 -> May 2010 
Intuit, Tucson, AZ
+ TurboTax Seasonal Support Agent I/II
* Guided customers on technical issues via phone, chat, and e-mail.
* Solved issues that may occur within the TurboTax software.
* Efficient handling of several customers at the same time Maintained a high average of Customer Resolution.
- Rewarded for exhibiting highest customer satisfaction during Peak Season.

April 2006 -> June 2009 
Rackspace Managed Hosting, San Antonio, TX
+ Customer Service Representative/System Administrator I
* Inbound/outbound phone duties.
* Answered an average of four hundred inbound customer calls in a month on my team.
* Worked with customers to troubleshoot issues within the Linux operating system Assisted in onboarding of new employees.
* Consistent top-performer among co-worker monthly statistics.


* Rackspace Training over 10 total years of employment (2006-2009, 2011-2018) 

* Hallmark Institute of Technology, San Antonio, TX
- A.A., Computer Networking, 2006

**References available upon request**